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Yes, Elecbrakes allows a trailer to comply with ADR38/03 and VSB1 for trailers up to
4500Kg ATM.

Elecbrakes provides a proportional control signal from the tow vehicle to the trailers
brakes. And it allows the driver to operate the trailer brakes from the normal driving

When fitted to trailers greater the 2000Kg GTM the brake system must also be fitted
with a compliant emergency brake controller.

To be compliant the in car controller must be connected to the device. The phone must cradled in a
commercially available mounting and be connected to power.

Links to Technical Documents
ADR38/03, VSB1

Don't Panic, Elecbrakes has been designed with safe redundancy systems and will
contiune to operate effectively using the last defined user settings and program.

The loss of communication should be investigated as it may indicate the trailer plug has been dislodged.

To be compliant the in car controller should be plugged in and charging while in use.

However if the in car controller does go flat, the brake system will continue to operate using the last defined user settings and program.

The in car controller should be charged and the App should be reconnected as soon as possible.

Yes, Elecbrakes operates in the same manner as a typical in-car controller. The main point of difference is that it is mounted to the trailer not your car.

Yes, in fact on trailers over 2000Kg GTM, the trailer MUST be fitted with a Emergency brake controller.

Yes, Elecbrakes has 2 power inputs, 1 is connected to the Taillights so any appropriate Tow Vehicle can tow the trailer, the 2nd input can be optionally connected to an auxiliary power supply such as available on a 12pin plug or Anderson Plug. 

That’s OK, When wiring the Trailer the (blue) service brake wire should be disconnected from the trailer plug, therefore the trailers brakes are only controlled by the Elecbrakes device. The existing Brake controller in the vehicle will have no effect on braking.

Yes, however care must to be taken when choosing to mount the Elecbrakes device in a toolbox etc. The Radio reception needs to be tested to ensure the desired mounting location does not adversely effect radio range.

To test, the Elecbrakes can be connected to 12v Lead acid battery (white = negative terminal, brown = positive terminal). Then Launch the App and ensure the App connects to the device from the drivers positing of the vehicle. The App should be tested for reliable communication for at least 2min.

This is a default "Warning" function the Elecbrakes device performs to remind the driver to turn the Lights On.

Turning the Lights On will remove this "Warning" function, if the brakes contiune to grab it maybe due to the Brake Response Minimum setting being to high. You can adjust it lower via the Settings page with in the App

No - when the application is open on the phone and the Elecbrakes unit is powered, the unit will connect to the phone. This is indicated by the big button on the home screen turning red.

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