Electric Brake Controller Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

  • Auxiliary connection is optional, it may be connected to any 12v to 24v constant power source or left unconnected.
  • Break away systems may be added to the service brake circuit.
  • Elecbrakes is designed to operate 1 to 2 braked axles

Electrical Connections

  • Elecbrakes must be connected to trailer wiring circuits as outlined in the wiring diagram.
  • The Service Brake circuit must be disconnected from an existing trailer plug. Ensure it is sealed off and cannot create a short circuit with any other wire or the chassis.
  • Route the Elecbrakes cable as required, if you internally route the cable through chassis rails, take care to install grommets to prevent cable from chaffing.
  • Externally routed Cabling must be securely attached to the trailer and supported every 600mm.

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