Elecbrakes Wirelesss Bluetooth Electric Brake Controller

Elecbrakes Portable Electric Brake Controller

Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller redefining towing in Australia and New Zealand. We have completely eliminated the need to modify your tow vehicle. Now you can use any capable vehicle for towing your load. Click here to view our easy installation guide. Choose our Plug & Play model to be on the road in as little as 10 minutes. Our proportional brake controller automatically calibrates and activates the trailer brakes based on your driving for a seamless towing experience. Use the wireless in-car remote to monitor and adjust settings while on the move.

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Elecbrakes is a proud member of both the Hire and Rental Industry Association and the Caravan & Camping Industry Association of NSW. The CCIA works to actively encourage and promote the caravan and camping lifestyle, which aligns perfectly with Elecbrakes mission to make towing safer and easier for everyone. Elecbrakes also actively works to promote the HRIA goals of honesty and reliability in all transactions, high standards of equipment available for hire, industry efficiency and co-operation with manufacturers and suppliers.

Electric Brake Controller Features

Trailer Mounted Brake Controller

Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted solution that allows flexibility to tow your trailer with any capable tow vehicle. Mounting to the draw bar and wiring into the trailer's loom, the Elecbrakes unit is powered via the trailer's electrical plug which is connected to the tow vehicle. Operating on both 12 and 24-volt systems, Elecbrakes is smart brake control technology.

In-Car Brake Controller Remote

In-Car Brake Controller Remote

Elecbrakes can be adjusted using the specially designed remote-control unit. Connecting by the best in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the remote provides a multi-faceted in-car controller. With a friendly interface the operator can apply the manual override, and, via the plus and minus buttons, increase and decrease brake response instantly on the trailers brakes.

Preset Braking Programs

Preset Braking Programs

A core advantage in the Elecbrakes system is the five independent braking programs. The programs are displayed in the app settings page and can be set to suit load variation or a change in driving conditions. These settings are then stored so that every time the operator connects the trailer, they simply select the program relevant to load and are ready to go.

Plug & Play - Ready in 10 Minutes

Plug & Play - Ready in 10 Minutes

As well as out standard hard-wired option, Elecbrakes also comes in a 'Plug & Play' variety that gets you ready to go with a fully featured proportional electric brake controller installed on your trailer within 10 minutes. This version of Elecbrakes (ELBC2000 P1.5) comes with a user specified adapter. available in all common combinations using flat 7 and 12 sockets and plugs and well as 7 pin round small and large combinations.

Elecbrakes can be powered entirely by standard trailer wiring, with the option of connecting an auxiliary power source for compatibility with tri-axle trailers. Elecbrakes is Australian owned, designed and manufactured. Elecbrakes also operates in New Zealand and can provide our game-changing wireless controller and accessories online and through local stockists.

Australian made and available in new zealand

Electric Brake
Controller Applications

Elecbrakes is a popular choice for trailer users across a range of applications. Caravan and camper trailer enthusiasts love the flexibility of being able to lend their camper to family and friends more easily, horse float owners rely on us for personalised preset programs and boat owners find it easier to reverse down boat ramps with our adjustable brake response. Industrial trailer users and businesses with fleet vehicles enjoy a massive increase in efficiency thanks to our trailer-mounted solution.

Camper & Caravan
Electric Brakes

Elecbrakes is a trailer-mounted solution. This means you won't have to install electric brake controllers in each different vehicle you use to tow your caravan. This can save you a small fortune in installation costs over the life-time of your caravan or camper trailer. With this trailer-only installation and smooth proportional brake response Elecbrakes makes it a breeze to lend your camper to family and friends.

Horse Float
Brake Controller

Elecbrakes understands how precious your animal cargo is. By providing precisely controlled proportional brake responses, we assist the user to transport their valuable cargo in a stress free environment from venue to venue. The device allows you to save preset programs for varying trailer loads - perfect for horse float owners who may be towing a different number of horses each trip.

Work Trailer
Brake Controller

Since varying trailer loads require varying brake force, we've designed Elecbrakes to provide you with personalised preset programs tailored to your towing needs. The device allows you to rename and save programs to suit varying trailer loads - perfect for trade trailers, plant trailers, car trailers, agricultural trailers and water carts. Elecbrakes is particularly suited to multi tow vehicle business where one trailer may be towed by a fleet of vehicles.

Electric Over Hydraulic
Boat Trailer Brakes

Large boat trailers are typically fitted with an hydraulic brake system, where the actuator is an electric over hydraulic device. This is due to complete electric brake systems not being viable in the marine environment. However, this hybrid system still requires a control signal from an electric brake controller. Elecbrakes provides this functionality and furthermore allows the user to precisely adjust the proportional brake response to suit the towing conditions.

Trailer Hire
Electric Brakes

Elecbrakes provides an ADR compliant braking solution, fitted to the trailer independant of the hirers tow vehicle. This increases the GTM tow limit up to 4.5 tonnes. Elecbrakes eliminates lost hires due to the hirers tow vehicle not being fitted with an electric brake controller.

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