Buy Elecbrakes Electric Brake Controllers from $649

You're never going to experience towing in the same way again. Elecbrakes is the original and the best 100% trailer mounted brake controller.

Which Elecbrakes model should I choose?

You've got two choices and either way you're going to get exactly the same smooth proportional brake control and multi tow vehicle flexibility. The only difference is how the systems are installed.

For the quickest and easiest install, choose the 'Plug & Play' model. The wiring in this model is pre-configured in an external adaptor which means all you need to do is affix it onto your trailer and simply plug in to your tow vehicle's socket. This option is popular with customers who are installing the unit themselves.

The 'Trailer-Wired' model functions identically except it is spliced directly into your trailer's wiring. This means that when you connect your trailer to your vehicle you simply plug the trailer cable into your tow vehicle's socket as you would normally. This installation results in less external visible cables which provides a sleeker look. This option is popular with customers using an installer.

Whichever option you choose you'll enjoy exactly the same performance and benefits of our revolutionary trailer-mounted electric brake controller. If you have any questions about which choice is best for you, call our friendly brake control expert Alistair on (02) 4058 3909.