Electric Brake Controller Reviews

Brisbane Waters Camper Trailer Hire

We use the Elecbrakes module on all of our camper trailers and cannot give you guys a good enough wrap. The unit is easy to install, taking about 10 minutes in total, easy to calibrate (a few minutes driving on a flat road), and can have different braking profiles depending on the load in the trailer. We have tested it in emergency situations in off-road conditions and the trailer has responded perfectly. The staff are absolutely brilliant to deal with, and I’m glad we found them when we did.

ReaDiscovering Vans

Elecbrakes is an amazing feature on both our hire caravans at ReaDiscovering Vans. Alistair and his team have done an amazing job and created an amazing product. We cannot thank them enough for how much this product has opened up our business. We have a Redarc tow pro fitted on our personal Prado but with Elecbrakes fitted on our vans it doesn't even get used any more. Great product and recommend it to anyone!

Penske Power Systems

We recently purchased a controller from Elecbrakes and have wired it up to a Hydrastar Brake Actuator. Now completed approximately 1,500km with 3.5 tonne Kevlacat boat and trailer with no issues. One really great feature is the program settings especially one for the loaded trailer with the boat and one for the unloaded trailer without the boat. Love it!

RV Solutions WA

As a WA stockist and installer, we fit many of our caravans and trailers with the Elecbrake module and it’s by far one of the easiest and most reliable brake units to use. It’s a solid, simple to install product with impressive responsiveness and intuitive programming. Customer service is always very helpful when we need it. We highly recommend this product.

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