Trailer-Wired Electric Brake Controller

The wired variant of Elecbrakes is the ELBC 2000. The unit comes with a small cable and plug connected to the electronics and secured in a resin core.

This unit will then be connected to a specially designed loom that can be wired into the trailers electrical circuit. Typically used by manufacturers or installers, the ELBC 2000 must be wired into the trailers electrical circuit to operate. This can be done in several ways from piggybacking into the trailers plug or splicing into the trailers loom.

The Elecbrake unit can be mounted facing in any direction and should be within reach of the trailers loom for ease of wiring.

All the settings are programmed by the in-car controller. Once set up, these settings are stored in the Elecbrake unit ready for operation. Anyone who chooses this version should consider having it installed by a qualified auto electrician or technician.

Trailer-Wired Electric Brake Controller Features

  • Proportional Braking
  • Multiple braking programs
  • Device stored settings
  • Urethane Resin encased Electronics
  • Water Proof
  • Shock proof
  • Easy mounting
  • Easily wires into the trailer wiring circuits
  • Non directional mounting

Proportional Braking System

Elecbrakes employs a high-speed microprocessor and various sensors which continuously sample the operating parameters over 1,000 times per second.

For communication, the device uses the widely adopted Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and the hardware selections yield a Bluetooth device that has long range capability ensuring high connection reliability and no dropouts under typical operating conditions. This ensures that the device can be mounted anywhere on the trailer's draw bar.

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