Trailer Brake Controller

Since varying trailer loads require varying brake force, we’ve designed Elecbrakes to provide you with personalised preset programs tailored to your towing needs.

The device allows you to save preset programs to suit varying trailer loads - perfect for industrial trailer owners. If you own plant equipment, cattle crates, water carts, car floats, or tradesman's trailers you have the ability to fine tune braking programs according to load and driving conditions. Changing loads or tow vehicles would not be uncommon.

Elecbrakes is installed on the trailer rather than the car: A simple solution for anybody who has multiple tow vehicles used to transport their work equipment.

You can even configure up to 5 user defined brake programs, this allows the driver to precisely configure and save brake responses for the change in trailer weight such as when towing and empty trailer or a fully laden trailer. Examples of these programs may be Empty Trailer, Light Load, Medium Load or Heavy Load where changing weight requires a different brake response.

Being trailer mounted, Elecbrakes provides flexibility for multi vehicle businesses and lease or company owned vehicles that cannot be modified. Most importantly Elecbrakes is a proportional electric brake controller suited to all electric braked trailers.

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