Hire equipment organisations have been limited in trailer load capacity based on the trailer braking laws and the ability of the hirer to have an electric brake controller.

Elecbrakes being mounted to the trailer has revolutionised the opportunity of the hire company to increase its trailer range, equipment size and hire potential therefore increasing its return on investment.

Since varying trailer loads require varying brake force, we’ve designed Elecbrakes to provide you with owner configurable preset programs tailored to the trailers needs.

The device allows you to save preset programs to suit varying trailer loads - perfect for industrial trailer owners. If you hire out plant equipment, cattle crates, water carts, car floats, or tradesmans trailers you have the ability to preset braking programs according to changing load and driving conditions. The saved programs ensure the trailer braking is correctly set up significantly reducing wear and tear from incorrectly configured brakes.

Caravan/Camper trailer hire organisations have been limited to hirers with vehicles fitted with electric brake controllers. Elecbrakes increases the opportunity to remove lost hires.

Mounting to the trailer and connecting to the trailers electrical circuit Elecbrakes is a reliable electric brake controller for all hire scenarios.

Industry data indicates that as much as 25% of hires are lost due to no brake controller being available in the hirers vehicle. Elecbrakes has provided partnered hire companies a significant revenue increase.

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