Traditionally electric brake controllers had to be hard-wired into your tow vehicle. This meant every time you wanted to change cars, let a friend borrow caravan or hire out your caravan, the tow vehicle had to have a brake controller fitted as well.

Designed for Australian Conditions, the Elecbrakes Bluetooth electric brake controller is waterproof, dustproof and housed inside a fully sealed vibration-resistant housing, making it a full go anywhere solution for all types of caravans, RVs and trailers.

Elecbrakes is installed on the Caravan/Camper trailer rather than the car: A simple solution for anybody who does not want to or cannot modify the vehicle.

You can even configure upto 5 user defined brake programs, this allows the driver to precisely configure and save brake responses for the driving conditions and caravan / camper trailer weight. Examples of these programs may be Offroad or Hilly terrain where the driver prefers a different brake response compared to driving in normal conditions.

Being trailer mounted, Elecbrakes provides flexibility for multi vehicle families, lease or company owned vehicles that cannot be modified and the hire industry where hirers are not prepared to purchase a brake controller for a one off experience. Most importantly elecbrakes is a proportional electric brake controller suited to all electric braked trailers - its just mounted to the trailer!!

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