Boat Trailers

Boat trailers over 2,000kg typically use an Electric over Hydraulic brake system, this is due to complete electric brake systems not being viable in the marine environment.

The electric over hydraulic brake systems requires a control signal from an electric brake controller, Elecbrakes provides this functionality and furthermore allows the user to precisely adjust the proportional brake response to suit the towing conditions.

Electric over hydraulic actuators will activate according to the brake controller setting selected. Elecbrakes provides programmable reverse brake response, allowing the user to fine tune the brake response when reversing down the launching ramp.

Elecbrakes is installed on the trailer rather than the car: A simple solution for anybody who has multiple tow vehicles used to transport their boat.

You can configure upto 5 user defined brake programs, this allows the driver to precisely configure and save brake responses for the change in trailer weight or driving conditions such as when towing the trailer empty, fully load or in Off Road conditions.

Being trailer mounted, Elecbrakes provides flexibility for multi vehicle families, lease or company owned vehicles that cannot be modified. Most importantly Elecbrakes is a proportional electric brake controller suited to electric over hydraulic braked trailers - its just mounted to the trailer!!

The next evolution in towing is here